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Smart Farm Power Field Day 2023 Victoria

Smart Farm Power
Field Day 2023

A field day held on Thursday 2 Feb 2023 enabled farmers and others associated with ag industries to learn more about technology that:

  • Can reduce irrigation energy costs by about 80%,

  • Is dramatically reducing our farm’s carbon footprint,

  • Is reducing labour input by about 15 hours a week,

  • Improves water use efficiency and

  • Switches irrigation from night to daylight hours.

solar powered farms producing organic milk

Field Day Speakers Were:

  • Lachlan Monsbourgh, Rabobank - The big picture and global context

  • Charlie Prell, Chair, Farmers for Climate Action - What can landowners do?

  • Sandra Jefford, Overview of Wilandra Farms

  • Steve Soutar, AEI, Overview of renewable energy solutions 

  • Gabriel Hakim, AgVet Energy - The potential to reduce energy use in dairies

  • Alison Kelly, Agriculture Victoria - Understanding and calculating emissions on farm


Following the presentations in Sale, the participants visited the farm to look at the automated irrigation and renewable energy system, and other features of the regenerative farming system.

View Our Speaker's Presentations

Understanding emissions – making sense at the farm scale

Alison Kelly
Agriculture Victoria

Clever ways to save energy & energy costs at the dairy

Gabriel Hakim
AgVet Energy

Wilandra Smart Farm Power

Steve Soutar

Wilandra Smart Farms Our Story

Sandra Jefford
Wilandra Farms
Wilandra Farm organic milk farmer & supp

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